Our Products

​   Though the stock of The White Begonia is fluid, the quality is constant. We see our customers as friends and want each purchase to be a success; we do not offer for sale items below our own exacting standards of taste. Each shelf and rack is occupied with lovingly selected offerings, chosen for their distinction, appeal and quality and reflecting the discernment of our owner.

   Select a one-of-a-kind purse for your best friend's birthday; present hostess gifts that will make you the talk of the town for your taste and thoughtfulness; select earrings that the mall can only dream of and set the table for the next friendly gathering with seasonal touches that say how glad you are to host your friends and family. Men on your mind? No worries! The White Begonia caters to the tastes of men and women. 

   Don't think that all this class is too expensive for your budget! Our collection is inclusive; we want all our friends to find what they want here, so we include offerings to suit different budgets and occasions.